Smile- a wonderful medicine

Smile is an amazing gift to the mankind. Only humans can smile. No other animal on earth can smile.

Why we should lose the great opportunity to smile? It works as an amazing medicine. A smiling man’s risk of getting heart attack will be reduced.

Smile will boost your immune system. It enables to react more quickly and effectively against invaders.

Smile slows the heart rate and relaxes the body. It resists the over burden on heart.

Smile reduces stress.Stress the big problem for many people in this modern world.Smile gives you an opportunity to cherish. You will be in a better mood.

Smiling while working also improves the productivity. One’s performance will be increased with the power of smile.

Smile increases longevity too. Smiling people will live about 7 years longer. Smiling, happy and healthy life is the real wealth of any human being.

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