Wow, know the magic of smile

Many of us are unaware of the huge benefits of smiling or laughing. Smile is an amazing medicine which lets us to live long and stress-free.

Smile is the real asset of any individual. Smile leads the release of endorphins. These are triggered by movements of the muscles in your face. Endorphins ensure you to feel happy and relieved from stress.

Stress is the big enemy of a person and endorphin will effectively combat that enemy.

A laugh in happiness is another powerful tool to be happy.  A good smile is the indication of your well being.

Your smile will definitely do tha magic which leads to a happy, healthy and long life.

Male or female, smiling face will always be attractive. Even make up may not give you that much glow to your face, which comes with a bueatiful smile.

If A for apple, remember s for smile. Yes, whenever you hear or read the letter s, then think of smiling. Smile doesn’t need a special occasion. You can begin you day with a smile and go to bed with a smile on your face.

Remember the cute thing to do in your life, smile… smile.. smile. It’s free!

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