The 3i strategy

Every individual wants to be successful. Be it in studies, job, business, entrepreneurship or anything.

Achieving success depends upon three vital things. This is called the 3i strategy.

The first i is- imagine.If you want success, imagine first. Imagine yourself as an achiever. Every success happens twice. first in mind and next on ground. More effectively you imagine, much more effectively you work hard to win. Your imagination gives you the needed self confidence to achieve.

The second i is implement. Achieving is mainly depended upon a perfect strategy. Students, business persons,  industrialists, employees will have to implement thier own success plan to win. Basing upon the field, knowing about the competition and anticipating the obstacles are a part your strategy. You must have a game plan and implement in a smart way.

The third i is integrity. You have to stick to your strategy. Hurdles should not scare you.  Don’t be scared ot losing. Be ready to lose. Then only you could win. You can take help of experts or well wishers to draw the strategy and follow it. Finally, you believe in yourself. Don’t care the comments which are discouraging.

Success is a great achievement of any human. Your attitude, will power, integrity and the perfect timing of implementing strategy are key to your success.

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