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Be a winner, become a doctor

Becoming a doctor is a golden dream for many students. But most of the  aspiring students make common mistakes and fail to get a seat in MBBS.

Whether it is EAMCET or NEET, you should have your own strategy to win. First of all you have to know that, almost every aspiring student will undergo for a coaching. Many students and parents spend lacs of rupees for this coaching. So, just taking the coaching could not be enough to get an MBBS seat.

When every aspirant takes coaching, will all of them become doctors? No. So you have to get more power or qualities to get a seat. There will be lacs of competitors at the examination. You have to beat them to be a winner.

Sticking to the 3i strategy is one better option for you. Many students are either over confidant or lack the confidence and fail to achieve.  The right quality of the winner is the perfect self confidence.

Apart from confidence, you need to improve your memory skills. Take the creative way to prepare or the examination. Getting help of an effective counselor could give you an edge. How many students will be appearing for the NEET next year? You should not worry about it. Your should remember only one thing. A confidant and smart student will definitely win and you are among them. All the best.

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