Be an idiot !

Don’t be puzzled by seeing the headline. I mean it. If you have watched the Bollywood movie 3 idiots, then you will know the impact of being an idiot.

Education is like an ocean. But most of the students in India aspire for IIT, MBBS, IAS etc.

Aspiration is good. But the way of preparation by many students is very bad. Thier parents are ready to spent huge money for coaching etc. Most of the coaching centers will follow the unscientific method to prepare the students. Just remembering the answers is not the right way.

The way of preparation by the main idiot in 3 idiots is different. He is a man of creative thinking. Always think creative. He is not scared of losing. He is happy and confidant. That is why he becomes topper of the batch.

This is what something you should learn. Creative thinking is the best option to reach the goal. Don’t follow the traditional non scientific methods. You should have an attitude to question, clarifying your doubts.

IIT, MBBS, IAS are not a big target for the students like 3 idiots. This is not a funny advise. But creative thinking is the powerful tool for any student to become an achiever.

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