C3 formula to be a leader

Making profit is the prime motto of any business. Starting a new kind of business is rare in the world. Most of the business people enter into the field which is not new.

You have to beat the existing players to be on top. It could be tough but challenging and easy task if you have three qualities.

First is courage. You should have courage to change the rules in the field to grow the business. You should not follow the leader or competitor who is number one. If you follow, then you will remain a follower. If you want to be the leader, then have courage to apply you own strategy.

At the time when Yahoo was ruling the cyber world, Google has been entered. Google has never followed Yahoo.It has followed its own strategy with a great courage. You should be inspired with it.

The second quality is creativity. Think creatively. The computer was not invented by Mr Bill Gates. But the way doing business basing on computers has been changed by him. New software, new language, new kind of programs like Windows, everything was new. Creativity was the main reason behind the success of Microsoft. You should be more creative.

The third quality is connect. You should be well connected with your clients, workforce and yourself. Expanding the base is mainly depended upon connectivity. Your innovative ideas should be implemented by your human resources. Employees are the key factor of your success. So, be well connected with them and take care of them. They will take care of your success.